I’m not feeling gutted: Kristen Stewart on Charlie’s Angels low box office score


Kristen Stewart is not feeling “gutted” over middling performance of her latest Charlie’s Angels as she is really proud of the film.
The actor featured as one of the titular Angels in the reboot of the iconic action franchise made famous by Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu in the early 2000s.
However, unlike its predecessors, the Elizabeth Banks-directed movie could not do wonders at the box office.
But Stewart is not bummed out by the lack of financial success as she is content in the fact that they made a really good film.
“Well, to be honest with you, I think if I had made a movie that wasn’t good and one that I wasn’t proud of and a lot of people saw it, I would be devastated. Luckily I’m not feeling gutted because I really am proud of the movie,” she told The Playlist.
Stewart also said that it has become difficult to promote a film these days.
“I think that the kind of the climate that we’re living in right now is polarising and it’s weird and it’s kind of hard to promote a movie like that. And I think trying to have a really complicated, overly politicized feminist conversation in a five minute TV interview about Charlie’s Angels… I’m like, Dude, we just wanted to have a good time’,” she said.

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