The Return of Pinocchio

The Return of Pinocchio



100 min 28 March 2019
Plot: "Geppetto" lives in one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, where often he spends his time playing, jumping without taking care of his homework, or appreciating the effort of his old father. His father works as a carpenter to achieve his son dreams. But this poor carpenter always had to be confused facing continuous complaints from neighbours about the inconvenience of "Geppetto" to them other than the destruction of their property. One day, "Geppetto's" annoyance to his father and neighbours has stopped, and his kite returned home alone. His father spent days and nights looking for him carrying the kite of his missing single, but. Without any impact. The poor old man became afraid, and his heart was full of grief and sorrow for his belligerent child, so he launched "Geppetto's" kite, for his belief that it may help him find its maker. But the kite returned alone to the old carpenter's house. Suddenly, an idea came to carpenter's mind of making a puppet just like his single and named it by "Pinocchio". "Pinocchio" was a strange puppet, inherited the annoying behaviour from "Geppetto" as if he's the same, where he rolls around creating problems again for the poor old man. But this wooden puppet had a strange characteristic, as his nose had to grow bigger and longer as he lies and returned to its original state when he tells the truth. How will the old carpenter deal with his annoying wooden puppet? Will its usage be for his fireplace? Or his relationship with "Pinocchio" will be much bigger? Will "Pinocchio" helps his old father to find "Geppetto"? And what lessons will "Pinocchio" reveals to us in his experiences to learn about life?
Language: Arabic
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