On the Footsteps of Christ

On the Footsteps of Christ
77 min
  • 77 min
  • Documentary
  • 25/07/2019
On the Footsteps of Christ

On the Footsteps of Christ


This film ventures on a sacred journey from Qana to Mount Hermon, Tyre to Adloon, Sarafand to Magdousheh and Sidon. Accompanied by three of their professors and travelling by bus, nine children follow a dream of the heart: to find the traces of Jesus, who traversed their homeland. Led by the ancestral, oral tradition and enlightened by written information, they trail the path of Christ, who walked on the Holy Land of Lebanon two thousand years ago. Within an hour and twenty minutes, across vast and exotic lands, the children playact the roles of saints, Mary and Jesus, portraying Christ’s miracles in the land of Lebanon in short theatrical scenes, as described in the New Testament. The documentary presents a spiritual invitation to discover a pilgrimage in Lebanon and an epic journey about a small country, celebrating its immense archaeological value that remains largely unknown.

Director: Philippe Aractingi
Stars: Charbel Aoun , Sarah Atallah, Stephanie Ghafari, Elie Daher, Elias Eid, Simon Gayzagian, Marie-Celine Haddad, Emmanuel Hachache, Pascale Khoury, Elie Ramy, Talia Torossian, Jacob Tarpinian
Language: Arabic

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