Malla 3al2a [Arabic]

Malla 3al2a [Arabic]
100 min
25 January 2018
  • 100 min
  • Comedy
  • 25 January 2018
Malla 3al2a [Arabic]

Malla 3al2a [Arabic]


The film revolves around Feras Al Rayes, son of MP Waleed Al Rayes, who is getting ready to marry his fiancée, Layal. Since he is marrying his first love, his personal trainer, Fadi Nasr, encourages him to meet other women through a dating website using a fake name. This leads to Feras being fooled and blackmailed with a video showing him naked. To avoid scandal and solve the problem, he seeks help from his childhood friend Mazen, just a day before his wedding. A series of adventures and comic situations follows.

Director: Boudy Sfeir
Stars: Carlos Azar, Wissam Saliba, Jad Bou Karam and Tatiana Merheb
Language: Arabic

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