El Kwayseen (Egyptian) [Arabic]

El Kwayseen (Egyptian) [Arabic]
90 min
01 November 2018
  • 90 min
  • Animation
  • 01 November 2018
El Kwayseen (Egyptian) [Arabic]

El Kwayseen (Egyptian) [Arabic]


The film revolves around El Kowaysseen family, who lost their son when he was still a toddler in the house of horror at Kouki Park. A thief impersonates the lost son's identity and with the help of his sister tries to steal a valuable gem that El Kowaysseen family owns

Director: Ahmed El Guindy
Stars: Ahmed Fathy,Amr Wahba,Asmaa Abu El Yazid,Bayoumi Fouad,Hussien Fahmy,Jilan Alaa,Mohamed Mekawy,Shereen Reda,Tara Emad,Ahmed Fahmy
Language: Arabic

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